Ref T056 Gold line

One of sweater’s original neck rib is mostly preserved, extending on to raglan sleeves pertaining to that same sweater, and rounding up as a of yoke in the back. The second sweater covers the front and part of the back, its hem rib being kept intact as a finishing. In a slightly diagonal cut, the sleeve hems are finished symmetrically by a panel of jersey. In the center back, a generous round panel of second skin jersey – acting as a faux cut-out opening – also extends over the ribs into the front, cutting under right chest level in a pointed, dart-like shape. All the seams joining the two materials are covered for a bold, graphic finish in black.

Branded details include a metallic logo plaque in the center back below the neck rib.


100% wool; 88% polyamide, 12% elastane recycled

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Regenerated Knit Melange Hybrid Jumper
Regenerated Knit Melange Hybrid Jumper
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