Moonfish Skin Jacquard Knit Tube Dress
Moonfish Skin Jacquard Knit Tube Dress
Moonfish Skin Jacquard Knit Tube Dress
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Crafted from a viscose blend, medium-weight sumptuous tricot, the seasonal knitwear offering features understated shapes to showcase a finely pixelated graphic. The jacquard knit features a Moonfish Skin pattern which integrates the moon logo into a repetitive texture resembling fish scales. This rapport is augmented over the body’s most voluminous areas to graphically highlight them. Additionally, a large navy moon is incorporated into the jacquard design in the center back of the top half of the garments.

The tube dress is a highly covetable takeaway from the runway that can suit many body types due to its body-con, adaptable silhouette.


97% viscose 3% polyester

made in europe

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