Moon Lozenge Catsuit

Crafted from soft jersey in a semi-sheer or opaque quality, the seasonal jersey is printed in tan and black with the Half Moon Lozenge motifs. The latter is a timeless, repeat monogram that tattoos the skin with a geometric lattice that encapsulates the moon shape inside each of its rhombuses.
All of the pieces are laser-cut and feature the brand’s second skin fit.

Extending our iconic tops to cover the full body, the Moon Lozenge Catsuit is a sleek staple that combines the wearability of tops and leggings into a single garment.


82% recycled polyamide, 18% elastane

Size chart
LENGTH Measure down the centre of the back, from the top edge of the shoulder line to the hem.

137cm / 54" (S)
138cm / 54.3" (M)
139cm / 54.7" (L)
BUST Measure across the garment, in line with the under-arm seam.

37cm / 14.5" (S)
39cm / 15.3" (M)
41cm / 16.1" (L)
SHOULDER LENGTH Measure across one shoulder.

10cm / 3.9" (S)
10.3cm / 4" (M)
10.6cm / 4.1" (L)
SLEEVE LENGTH Measure in a straight line, from tip of the shoulder to the cuff.

56.5cm / 22.2" (S)
57cm / 22.4" (M)
57.5cm / 22.6" (L)
INSEAM Measure from crotch to the hem.

77cm / 30/3" (S)
77cm / 30.3" (M)
77cm / 30.3" (L)
LEG OPENING Measure around the hem.

20cm / 7.8" (S)
21cm / 8.2" (M)
22cm / 8.6" (L)
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