Household Linens Shirt
Household Linens Shirt
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Drawing on the maison’s fascination for heritage textiles, an oversized collared shirt is composed by a playful mix of a cotton damask base and English embroidery sleeves. The lace creates an interesting tracery over any layers worn underneath. A chest pocket features a cursive embroidery of the Marine Serre initials, mimicking the classic embroidery type fonts used on bespoke bed linen sets.

1st fabric: 100% cotton

2nd fabric: 100% cotton

made in europe

Size chart
LENGTH Measure down the centre of the back, from the shoulder line to the hem.

80.7cm / 31.8" (S)
81.7cm / 32.2" (M)
82.7cm / 32.6" (L)
83.7cm / 33.0" (XL)
CHEST Measure across the garment, in line with the under-arm seam.

64.8cm / 25.5" (S)
66.8cm / 26.3" (M)
68.8cm / 27.1" (L)
70.8cm / 27.9" (XL)
SLEEVE LENGTH Measure in a straight line, from tip of the shoulder to the cuff.

74.9cm / 29.5" (S)
75.9cm / 29.9" (M)
76.9cm / 30.3" (L)
77.9cm / 30.7" (XL)
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Price EUR 625
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  • L
  • XL
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