For this SS20 Marine Serre once again proposes exquisite offerings where movement and fluidity are the look leaders. The Draped Chiton Dress, crafted in tan print and black, and blue all over moon print jersey, is inspired by the draping of this ancient Greek garments.

The streamlined silhouette is enriched by a black jersey drape ruffled at the left padded shoulder and knotted up at the breast while fluidly creating sensual and rhythmic movements at each stride. The asymmetric composition of this stunning dress plays around the mono long sleeve with thumb-loop. Fiery and noble is the attitude gifted by this unique dress, undisputed commitment between elegance and unforgettable appearance.


78% polyamide 22% elastane, 2nd fabric 77% polyamide 23% elastane

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Draped Chiton Dress Tan
Draped Chiton Dress Tan
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