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For those who prefer a more secure fit than the one offered by our moon tops, the SecondSkin Body Top is the perfect option for a wearability that is free from worries of the garment potentially rolling up at the hem. Just like the regular tops, its neckline and hems are laser cut for a sharp finish. The only difference concerns the crotch area, in which the fabric extends - supported internally with an adequate lining - and closes off with a 3 hook piece. Pushing forward the sense of agility, long sleeves are preserved for distinctive wearability and an embracing, second-skin feeling.

Another upgrade beyond the new blue moon print introduced this season lays in the very foundation of the garment: its polyamide and elastane blend jersey fabric now has a 100% recycled base. Woven into soft jersey in Italy, the recycled yarns are made from recycled plastic bottles, of which half are sourced from the infamous 7th continent -a huge conglomerate of plastic waste in the middle of Pacific Ocean – while the remaining half come from everyday recycling in Europe. This shift in material sourcing allows us to offer the same high quality product while contributing to invert current environmental damage on our planet


88% pa 12% ea recycled, lining 89% polyester 11% elastane

Size chart
LENGTH Measure down the back, from the top edge of the shoulder line to the hem.

68cm / 26.7" (S)
69cm / 27.1" (M)
70cm / 27.5" (L)
SHOULDER WIDTH From shoulder point to shoulder point, across the back.

31.5cm / 12.4" (S)
32.5cm / 12.8" (M)
33.5cm / 13.2" (L)
BUST Measure across the garment, in line with the under-arm seam, and double the figure.

34cm / 13.4" (S)
35.5cm / 14" (M)
37cm / 14.5" (L)
SLEEVE LENGTH Measure in a straight line, from tip of the shoulder to the cuff.

57.5cm / 22.6" (S)
58.5cm / 23" (M)
59.5cm / 23.4" (L)
WAIST Measure across the garment, in line with your natural waistline, and double the figure.

26cm / 10.2" (S)
27.5cm / 10.8" (M)
29cm / 11.4" (L)
Price EUR 490
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Second Skin Body Top Blue
Second Skin Body Top Blue
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