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Through a dynamic cut and a vibrant combination of fabrics, the Zipped Shirt with Twisted Sleeve Inserts is a casual separate that champions one of the collection's boldest prints. It features a balanced silhouette with a normal fit and a pointed collar ended with a zipper, adding an athletic detail which allows the piece to also be worn on as a light jacket. Snap-buttoned cuffs add to this ambivalent, shirt meets light outerwear, feeling.

Its main body is crafted from lustrous satin printed with bicolor Psychedelic Salamander motifs. This mind-bending print features the brand's Hybrid, totem animal fractally repeated and augmented in certain spots causing a bubbled up, optical illusion. 

Branded details include a signature moon puller in the zipper.


1st fabric 100% pl, 2nd fabric 100%pl

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Zipped Shirt with Twisted Sleeve Inserts
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