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Turning a contemporary staple garment into Futurewear, the Double Layered Front Puffer Coat is the first winter outerwear piece for men offered by Marine Serre. Reworking such an iconic garment, a streetwear piece extended to popular culture since the 80s, but crafting it in a luxurious fabric typical of 18th century formal wear is a clear example of Marine Serre's Hybrid design that results in a clever piece. The maison’s signature fabric is sourced in Lyon, manufactured by a French company with one of the longest traditions in moire weaving using recycled polyester yarns. Combined together with details in black, deadstock napa leather, the piece is as timeless as genderless.


100 % pes, 2nd fabric 100% leather, 3rd fabric 100%cup, 4th fabric 100%cup

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Double Layered Front Puffer Coat
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